Light lamp solution(customizable)

  1. 138K lighting frequency supported.
  2. Gradient control to adapt various requirement.
  3. 4-channel PWM control for light color and temperature.
  4. 1-17 touch button, which is customizable.
  5. Automatically adapts to the changing environment.
  6. Energy efficient power 0-12W.
  7. The program supports ultra-wide operating voltage: 3.0V-12V.
  8. The hardware architecture is simple, easy for manufacturing.
  9. Table lamp program function (customizable)

No flicker

138K frequency supported

Seamless adjusting

For different requirements

Touch control

4-channel PWM control

Buttons selectable

1-17 buttons for your choice

Wide voltage

Ranges from 3.0V to 12V

Simple architecture

Easy for manufacturing